The White Hats aren’t coming.

We have to do this ourselves!

If you are reading this page, then you want to see real change in this country, and in the world. You are seriously seeking the solution. 

The “Independent Alliance” aims to kick-start that solution. 

The purpose of this website therefore, is to explain and execute our plan to halt the major problem on our planet today – which is, centralisation of power and wealth in the hands of a relatively tiny number of “global oligarchs” who have little regard for the wellbeing of ordinary people the world over. 

Please read each section carefully because they importantly outline: 

What the problem is 

What we feel is an achievable solution 

How to make it happen 

How to prevent the problem recurring 

You will see that our plan begins in the United Kingdom and it involves getting a majority of independent candidates elected into parliament at the next General Election. 

These won’t be ordinary independent candidates. They will be independent of the “system” that has been designed to control our elected representatives. 

They will be part of a local “team” set up to represent the local people. The candidates/MPs themselves will be part of this team and will remain loyal to them throughout their time in parliament.  

The aim is to form a government that will depoliticise the institutions, and reform the financial, legal and political systems so they benefit the ordinary person rather than those who steal our wealth and power. 

We then plan to help others duplicate this process all over the world, thus removing the “global oligarchs” influence over us, and diluting their power and wealth until they are no longer a threat to our way of life, or our future. 

It seems ambitious but, broken into steps, it is achievable. You will notice that the main contributor to success will be ordinary people volunteering to help their local election campaign. 

Read everything on the site, and when you are finished, please endorse the project using the form below. All signatories will be sent a link to the “action” page where you can then arrange to help in whatever way you can. This can mean joining your local committee, or simply speaking to friends and families about issues important to them. 

The sum of our actions, however insignificant they may feel to be on their own, will ultimately contribute to the success of this plan. 

There’s a General Election on its way. The time is upon us. It’s time to make our stand.

Let’s make this happen!

For ourselves, our children, our families and our friends…

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The Policy

The Plan


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Candidates & Committees

…any government official, civil servant, even including the king, must either renounce membership of all such organisations, including any secret societies which require a secret oath (which therefore negates any public oath of loyalty sworn to serve the people) or step down from their position immediately.

Darren Nesbit

Founder & Editor, The Light newspaper

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