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the declaration

The current political system is fraudulent. It is not the representative democracy it is made out to be. It is a system designed to slowly and secretly drain our wealth and power from us.

Systematic abuse over the last hundred years of Conservative and Labour governments (with no better alternative) has left our country a shadow of what it should be.

Most of us are suffering in some way because of the actions of our so-called representatives. They steal our assets at an incredible rate through the manipulation of money and non-stop crises. We experience this as inflation, debt and emergency spending such as Covid and NetZero policies which led to the huge rise in the cost of living.

We are kept in a constant state of fear from Covid and Climate Emergencies to Cancel Culture and the drum beating for World War Three.

Our families and communities are being torn apart by divisive culture wars, weaponized immigration and rising crime.

We are under increasing surveillance by the state with moves being made to introduce digital ID, programmable currency and yet further restrictions on our freedom of speech and movement.

Our establishment parties are also very keen to hand over even more influence to unelected transnational organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and NATO with the intention of controlling us through “international treaties and agreements”.

We did not give our informed consent to any of these policies.

We say that the time has come to stop this betrayal and put the reins of power into the hands of the people.

We withdraw our support for establishment political parties and give our endorsement and votes to candidates who are either fully independent or from non-establishment parties.

Once in Parliament, they can help prevent any further erosion of our wealth and power while our numbers grow. They can also make moves to change the voting system to be more representative such as Proportional Representation and possibly some form of Direct Democracy. Eventually, this will lead to the sort of government that we want. One that benefits us and not a tiny minority.

By making this public declaration we want to reassure the politically homeless that they are not alone and that voting for a non-establishment candidate will not be a wasted vote.

Rather than an election campaign, we vow to make this the beginning of an unprecedented grassroots movement that will not stop growing until we win this battle.

Help us ensure that Independents Day changes politics forever.

please sign the declaration

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