A Guide to Local Campaigns

Election campaigns are all about sound bites. It’s difficult to have sound bites when you have one hundred talking points. That’s why we have focused our goals on just one “Call To Action” (CTA) for the public: voting for our candidate. But we have to manage that even further and keep the campaign simple: 

“The people are in charge now.” 

“Common Ground is Common Sense.”

“Common Sense, Not Habit.”

We won’t talk too much about individual issues although they will come up of course. 

We can reach the public with our message because people know each other. Everyone can be reached by someone they know and trust. As our campaign grows, so does the chance of reaching everyone. We will help local groups project manage, as much as possible, this “network of discussions”.

Generally, the idea is to have a grassroots campaign in every constituency where growing numbers of ordinary people have conversations with people they already know with family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, members of their church, etc. These “trusted” conversations will focus on the CTA. What would make that individual consider voting for our candidate and why it’s so important to do so. The volunteer would already have a good idea and may have raised the CTA based on how the conversation was going.

The volunteers would be given basic training online and in person where possible on how to speak to people and put across new ideas, etc. They would have slide-shows on their phones and physical information cards that they can use to illustrate particular points. The key points will be “betrayal”, “taking back our power” and “common sense”. All issues such as climate and Covid can be boiled down to common sense with the relative risk measured against the “cure”.

The local campaign would be broadly devised centrally but conducted by the local groups, volunteers, committees and candidates. We would give as much support as possible with resources, ideas, training, and sharing ideas and strategies that seem to be working well. We would monitor results and develop strategies and resources as we go.

We will encourage all groups to hold local demonstrations/vigils in every town in their constituencies. This could involve permanent vigils that last weeks (with rotating participants) lamenting the loss of democracy and calling for genuine representatives. Regular town/village hall meetings where local people discuss the issues of concern and how to cure them through the CTA. These events can be trialled in some constituencies and their success measured before rolling them out.

Once candidates have been selected, they will act as a de facto Opposition MP for the period before the election (hopefully a year). This will give the public time to discover them and realise they can be trusted on issues they care about. It will allow the candidates to make public appearances, call-out the incumbent on issues, take part in debates and meet with other candidates from the area and nationwide to demonstrate how they will work together.

Leaflets, banners, T-shirts, window posters in shops and houses, and non-damaging guerilla marketing will be used extensively. Trusted names will be used where possible to spread the message. All “freedom” organisations will be asked to use their platforms at all possible times to put the message out. 

We want to show ordinary people that they are the majority opinion in most cases. The MSM amplifies the minority opinion so that ordinary people think the minority are correct. We will give the local groups tools and advice on how to get the local media to cover their campaigns.

We will organise national working groups to look into new political systems, common law, constitutional matters, legal system, City of London etc. to get the conversations moving. We will look into, and start planning, genuine inquiries and tribunals which we will set up once in power.


A campaign is fine but can it succeed in changing how the public vote?

We want to ask people: “Since you began voting, do you think the country has been run for the benefit of the many or the benefit of the few?” Assuming the majority of people say that it has been run for the benefit of the few then we have proven that the way they have been voting all their lives has been wrong.

Clearly, voting left, right, left, right is what the Blob wants. It’s the two-party system they invented to keep control while letting us believe we were making the decisions. We need to make people realise that to get a different result they have to vote differently to before. That means voting for our candidate.A vote for Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats is a vote for the Blob.

Our campaigning will show people that there has been a handbrake on our quality of life since the early 1970’s and that we should all have a much higher standard of living. We will show how many of the current problems they have are curable in a relatively short space of time. The alternative is that they will get worse.

Information is key and we will be creating easy to digest leaflets, presentations and graphics to help people understand how the issues important to them are all the creations of the Blob and put in place by our supposed representatives. We will show how the only way to stop this cycle is to vote for our candidate.

Social proof is also important so we will ensure that people who have aligned with us are vocal about it and share their position with everyone they know. Everyone onside will “pledge” their vote and we will promote this data as a percentage of the electorate on the constituency campaign homepage. This will give voters the confidence that their vote wouldn’t be wasted if they vote for our candidate which is a common reason for voting for the same people all the time.

Overall, we want to create a trusted “brand” over the next year to give the public confidence in us, the committee, the candidate and that their vote will make a difference. This will also encourage people to vote who are usually non-voters. That group is key as we can gain twenty percent of voters that way. Added to a little from each other party can give us a majority in every seat. None of the other parties can do anything to engage these voters because the voters have no confidence in the usual players. We will be different.

Instead of dividing people, we will be involved in reconnecting, families, neighbours and communities. The people around the committees, the committees and the candidates.will rise up to become genuine community leaders that the public will have confidence in because they know where they came from, they know what they stand for and they know they can get rid of them directly and quickly.

Our overall pitch is that it is common sense to get rid of a ruling class who have created a system that has caused such problems and to use that system as a basis for something that works for the benefit of all. 

Above all, we need to prove to people that their vote will not be wasted and that they can have the confidence to vote for our candidate on election day. We will do this by collecting voting pledges from people and displaying the percentage of votes our candidate has been pledged. We intend to make sure this is a majority in every case – without cheating but appealing to common sense.

Our final plea will be: “This one time only, please use common sense rather than habit and we can transform our lives.”

Local Campaign Funding

This whole campaign – local, national & global – is never going to be “mainstream” until we win! That means that we have to fund it ourselves and promote it ourselves.

The most important part of the campaign is the people, obviously. After that we need a number of things such as the right information to sway people’s opinions. But, one thing we definitely need is money at a local level to get the information out to the public as leaflets, banners, posters, T-Shirts, events, meetings, hustings, press releases, etc.

There is a spend limit of approximately £13,000 for a parliamentary candidate. On top of that we also want to spread information on many topics (vaccine harms, NetZero, CBDCs, etc) to increase awareness among the public. As long as that isn’t promoting the Independent Alliance or the candidate then it’s exempt from Electoral Commission restrictions.

So, we can spend £13,000 on the candidate campaign and anything else we raise on information. This may sound like a lot of money especially if you times it by 650 constituencies. However, the Independent Alliance has come up with a few solutions to this problem.

Firstly, money only travels in one direction with the Independent Alliance. Unlike most parties and pressure groups any money that comes in to the local committee stays with the local committee. Here are a few of the resources we will be providing to ensure local committees are well funded.



The Independent Alliance will be creating a service to allow people to become official members. This will include discounts on goods and services all over the country from businesses who join our “Independent Alliance Directory”. Members will also get access to exclusive events or priority access to real and online events.


All membership fees raised from people in a local constituency will be transferred to the committee for that constituency. This will be the case whether the committee signed the member up directly or the member just did it through the main website. So, the committee can actively campaign to increase membership all the while knowing that all the money will come to them.



We will assist each local committee in setting up a DonorBox account with customised text and graphics embedded in the campaign page (below). We will also produce resources (videos, training, blog posts) giving advice on how to raise money from local people and businesses directly and also how to increase DonorBox contributions online.


This will allow money donated in a constituency to come directly to the local campaign both online and in the real world. 



We will be creating a directory of businesses who are aligned with the values of the Independent Alliance. This will allow members to take advantage of special deals. The businesses will pay a fee to be added to the list.


Again, all money raised through the directory from businesses in a local constituency will go directly to the committee running that local campaign.



We will assist each local committee in setting up an EventBrite account with customised text and graphics embedded in the campaign page (below). We will provide ideas, formats, resources and possibly special guests and items which can be auctioned. 


This will allow local committees to create events and sell tickets for them. Again, all money raised will come directly to the local committee from online sales on EventBrite to cash taken at the door.



This is the big one! 

The Independent Alliance has a special deal with one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of merchandise. We can provide printed T-Shirts, delivered to local committees for under £3.00 if purchased in bulk. Local committees can sell them directly to the public for up to £20 which makes a good profit for every sale. We can also provide a service where if someone in a particular constituency buys a T-Shirt online through our website, the local constituency selected by the customer will receive the balance of payment after costs to the supplier.

It doesn’t end at T-Shirts. There will be mugs and badges and more to come during the year.


This will allow local committees to make money by doing nothing! Anyone buying a T-Shirt in a constituency is giving money to the campaign whether the committee is involved or not. If the committee sets a target of 100 T-Shirt sales per month that would be a profit of £1,700 per month which would be enough to buy A5 leaflets for every home every week. Delivery is another matter!


You can see how the Independent Alliance is primarily concerned with creating a sustainable way to conduct every local campaign. This format can allow committees to plan their campaigns in the knowledge that they will have the resources to carry those plans out. 

No money is sent up the chain. The Independent Alliance will worry about central costs as  a separate issue. The most important thing is to get the message out to the public at grassroots level.

Local Campaign Website

Below is a mock-up of how the constituency pages will be used to inform the public and voters about the local campaigns. There will be 650 of these pages each based on the same design but the news updated by the local committee themselves.

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