A Guide to Local Candidates


We are all fed up with our elected representatives. 35% of us don’t vote at general elections, many for this reason. Unfortunately, most people keep falling for the deliberate fake-binary illusion of democracy. This allows the cabal to gain control by ensuring their parties select loyal candidates in the first place. Then, they just need to reward, threaten or punish them as necessary to get the results they want.

The only part of this cycle we have the means to break is to vote for parliamentary candidates who will not engage in this party system and who will remain loyal to their constituents. 

To achieve this, we need to elect people who tick all the right boxes on policy, come from the local area, and are known personally to their constituents so that lots of people can vouch for them, confirm who they are and that they are of good standing, etc. They must solemnly pledge to serve the local people and to agree to a recall process to prevent them from going rogue. 

Most likely, candidates will emerge from the committee members themselves. Each committee will have to raise the funding necessary for a background check and election deposit, etc. Candidates, preferably won’t even want to be MPs but will be willing to do their duty for a term or two.

At first, we will focus on the next General Election but we will be doing the same for every election from now on: Local, Mayoral, Devolved Regions, Police & Crime Commissioners, etc.

Here we go…


  • Be willing to do the job
  • Be able to do the job
  • Be honest
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be loyal to their committee/constituents
  • Be a genuine representative of their constituents
  • Make a pledge to be recalled at the request of their committee/constituents for any reason but particularly if they are not doing the bidding of their constituents
  • Must never have served as a Member of Parliament
  • Never have been selected as a candidate for a General Election by one of the main parties
  • Not be a freemason
  • Not be a member of any other secret society
  • Never have made an oath of loyalty to any other organisation deemed unsuitable
  • Never have been a member of the Trilateral Commission
  • Never have been an attendee of Bilderberg meetings
  • Never have been a member of the WEF
  • Not be influenced by agents of the globalists or by any actors their committee/constituents disapprove of
  • Not undertake secret meetings with anyone not approved by your committee/constituents
  • Not have any history or skeletons in their closet which could compromise them and make them subject to coercion

Other situations are judged on a case by case basis e.g. the candidate is a senior executive with Goldman Sachs, has previously worked for the Tony Blair Institute, is a close friend of Keir Starmer, etc. You can see how it works!

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