Why the Light’s Darren Nesbit supports the Independent Alliance

Today, the Light newspaper is publishing a full part article on the Independent Alliance. On top of everything else he’s doing at the moment, including touring with the Daz Band, Darren has found time to write a short piece about why he supports our campaign.

There doesn’t need to be global anything. Worldwide organisations, mass media, giant corporations, total surveillance and data control, are all totally unnecessary to the individual, the family and even the city.

The only people it benefits are those who want control of everything. 

Think about it, without the world being ‘so connected’, there could be no world wars, no mass pandemics, nothing that could happen on such a massive scale that it involves everybody, or that everyone has to know about.

The global arms trade is worth trillions.

Are you or I any safer or more secure because of this delusion that giving vast sums of our money to huge military machines is going to end up in anything positive, aside from for those who build the ultimate disposable products?

To have such a massively interconnected world, where a handful of companies are in charge of all major resources including food and energy, is a recipe for total slavery, and we are heading there fast.

We need representatives that understand this, and vow to extricate Britain from all international entanglements that do not benefit her people, such as the United Nations, NATO, the EU (properly) and any other treaty or accord that our treasonous previous and present representatives have signed us up to, without our explicit consent or knowledge.

Further, any government official, civil servant, even including the king, must either renounce membership of all such organisations, including any secret societies which require a secret oath (which therefore negates any public oath of loyalty sworn to serve the people) or step down from their position immediately.

The Laws of England and the United Kingdom state that nothing can be done to the prejudice of the people, or to harm them. 

Clearly, these laws have been broken multiple times, but, unsurprisingly, no-one in the governmental structure is prepared to do anything about it. Cowardly, or expecting to reap the benefits, it is instead once again, down to the people ourselves to correct this serious over-reach of centralised power, before we are unable to ever again.

Be in no doubt: once digital IDs and a central bank digital currency are in operation, we will no longer be even free-range slaves, but tied to wherever and whenever our digital programmable wallets will allow. Their plans are not secret, you just need to look behind the media which the same people own.

The time has come to change things, for real, for us the people, before it really is too late.

We have to be bold, we have to get involved, we have to realise that this is our childrens’ future, and it is looking very bleak, unless we can all take decisive action.

We cannot accept anything less than the full truth, and the full commitment from anyone wanting our vote to repeal and reverse almost everything that has been done since the 1960s, at least.

Darren Nesbit

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