The Independent Alliance’s policy is “revolutionary”

Below is an article by Rusere Shoniwa of Holding The Line on his SubStack, Plague on Both Houses. Many of…

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Why the Light’s Darren Nesbit supports the Independent Alliance

Today, the Light newspaper is publishing a full part article on the Independent Alliance. On top of everything else he’s…

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Make the Left-Right Divide History

We have to go all the way back to the French Revolution in 1789 to trace the roots of the Left-Right political…

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There could hardly be a better moment for a pro-freedom, “power to the people” political movement

Much as a depressed market may hold extraordinary opportunities for savvy investors to buy up under-priced stock, in a similar…

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David Fleming speaks to Holding the Line

Founder of the Independent Alliance, David Fleming, speaks to Rusere Shoniwa on the “Holding the Line” podcast. They discuss the…

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