Obstacles & Strategies

Public opinion, mainstream media, state opposition, etc are all obstacles to our plan but they are dealt with as part of our ongoing campaign. The obstacles below refer to how we make that campaign happen in the first place.

  • We haven’t identified the exact problem
  • We haven’t identified a single critical point to focus on to defeat the problem
  • We have no plan to attack any critical points
  • We haven’t identified any key actions to execute the plan
  • We don’t have genuine unity to help carry out these actions



This is a war. We are all fighting where we stand but we are divided on dozens, if not hundreds, of fronts. No army could fight, not to mention win, a war on so many fronts. It means our resources are fragmented and any attention from the public is diluted. 

We have no overall plan. When World War Two began the Allies had to react all the time and eventually lost the early stage of the war in Europe having to retreat. They then devised a plan, enacted it and from then on maintained the advantage and won.

We need to do the same. We need a central, coordinated plan that can be executed with our loose cooperation and relatively scarce resources. That plan must involve attacking the root cause of all these “fronts”… our elected representatives. The way to do that is to vote them all out in one go and replace them with incorruptible representatives who are on a very tight leash thereafter.

Rather than bombarding the public with information about dozens of causes and dozens of “calls to action” (stop facial recognition, leave the WHO, keep cash, Stop NATO, etc) we give the public a single, simple action to carry out.

Brexit may have meant many different things to many different people but the Leave Campaign’s “Call to Action” (CTA) for the public was very simple: on polling day – vote leave. That’s it. They were probably going to go to the polling station anyway so the only thing they were being asked to do was to tick a box. No protests, no travelling to marches, no leafleting, no manning Yellow Boards stations, no donating money. Just tick a box.

We need a single CTA for the public that is that simple. We propose that this CTA is also to tick a box. On election day, vote for your Independent Alliance candidate. That’s all they have to do.

A single, simple CTA like this allows people to do it for a variety of reasons personal to them like Brexit. They don’t have to sign up to every issue or agree with everyone. We just need them to feel that one issue is enough to tick that box.



Many people in the  “freedom/truth” movement are here because they don’t like being told what to do, distrust authority/centralised power and like to question things. Therefore, to try to influence them all to do something could be an uphill task. However, our plan is not to get them to do anything they don’t want to do. Our plan is to make easy for them to help promote our public CTA.

The good thing about such a simple CTA for the public is that it then makes the CTA for our own “movement” simple also. Now, all we have to do is to promote the CTA to the public. 

Obviously, we are not suggesting that all our different groups and individuals stop what they’re doing and just promote the CTA. What we all need to do is to incorporate the CTA into what we do already and use our platforms in any way possible to help promote and explain the CTA. It’s a bit like how every business, organisation, newspaper and television programme promoted the Covid mantras. 

“Fed up with the Government and the Opposition ignoring vaccine harms? Vote them ALL out by voting for your Independent Alliance candidate.”

“Fed up with the increased cost of living caused by the Government’s policies which were supported by the Opposition? Vote them ALL out by voting for your Independent Alliance candidate.”

From working with many “freedom” organisations over the last three years we understand a lot about how they work. Most work well together but some don’t want to cooperate with other groups. Some pretend to work with other groups but don’t in reality. Some actively disrupt others. David Fleming founded the Together Declaration, was an early member of the Movement of Movements and attended the Great Rising launch recently. He has seen all this first hand. 

We need to put in place a simple process that groups, organisations and individuals can use to promote our CTA. There would be no loss of face for doing so. There would be no loss of subscribers or revenues. There would be no down-side. We all need to feel that we own this campaign in the same way all involved in the Leave Campaign worked together. They knew it was possibly their only chance to make Brexit happen in their lifetime.


The CTA is relatively easy to unite around. The other thing that needs unity and sacrifice is that we must stop splitting the vote. If we had proportional representation (PR) then maybe we could promote a number of “freedom” parties and then form a coalition that could share power in government. 

But we don’t have PR so we need our candidates to win a majority of votes in each of 650 seats. We definitely will not do that if we keep splitting the vote with more and more new parties and independent candidates. It’s great that we have that interest but it’s self-defeating. Somebody needs to take charge and coordinate this. We know all these people have been approached a number of times to see if they can pool their resources to form one party but it hasn’t happened.

We therefore need a new approach. We need to create an Independent Alliance, gain momentum and then use that momentum to show these other parties and independents that this is the way to go. They can become candidates themselves. There’s nothing stopping Laurence Fox or David Kurten from becoming Prime Minister by choosing this route!

We must have just one Freedom/Truth movement candidate in each constituency. To have two or more would be suicidal. Any party or organisation who doesn’t agree on this must be treated with suspicion. There’s an elephant in the room. That is the fact that all these parties must stand down and repurpose their resources to working together. What is the point of Reform, Reclaim, Heritage, Freedom & Democracy, the Love Party, and a couple of independents all canvassing the same people in the same constituency on more or less the same manifesto (Freedom/Truth)? None, unless splitting the vote was the central aim.

The public cannot be blamed if they give up on us because there isn’t clear call to action. We should be out there all asking the public to vote for one person the Independent Alliance candidate. We have already had people from all the parties mentioned above applying to join us. That’s how it should be. Then we can start to build. If we begin to get traction, then the public will become interested. At the moment the public don’t even notice us.


We need to create a narrative over the next six months that the “freedom” movement has coalesced into a unified party with a single, simple call to the public to replace the incumbent government with a genuinely, incorruptible one for a brighter future for all.

We need to sign up non-political organisations first. Then we get the political ones to support us with the bigger ones last. Hopefully, if everyone has pledged to help except Reclaim and Reform then we could expect Reclaim to. That would leave just Reform as the only organisation not willing to help the alliance. The pressure may lead to them supporting us or their members deserting them to vote for our candidates.

  • Information/policy like HART and PANDA
  • Action groups like Stand In The Park and Yellow Boards
  • Wider single issue groups such as ULEZ and LTN
  • Media such as UK Column and TNT
  • Existing independent candidates and independent groups (all on our side of course)
  • Minor parties on our side: the ones with negligible traction
  • Bigger parties such as the Love Party and the Heritage Party
  • Reclaim
  • Reform


Step 1 is the first step to rid the world of the oligarchy. But just because it’s about the UK doesn’t mean we can’t ask the rest of the world to help. This is a war and everyone needs to help win the first battle. Winning control of the UK government would be a huge victory and would have a knock-on effect for every other country. 

So, we need to appeal to everyone in the global freedom/truth movement to help us, not just those in the UK. D-Day was carried out by a global allied force. We need to have a similar global allied force motivated to win this first step in a global war.

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