Our Plan in detail

The Plan

  • Identify the problem
  • Identify the root causes of the problem
  • Identify critical weak points
  • Identify our resources
  • Select a target
  • Create a plan
  • Execute the plan
  • Measure success
  • Improve plan

The plan presented here looks at the above standard steps to solving a problem. One important point is that we will be constantly improving the plan every step of the way and will listen to anyone who has advice. This plan is version 1.0. We are willing to change it now if there is evidence of a better target or actions, etc.

Basically, there is no way to dismantle the oligarchy’s influence at the international level. How could you shut down the Bank of International Settlements or disband the United Nations or NATO? It’s impossible. The only paths to do so would be for the people of each country to control or influence its own government enough to leave these organisations thereby leaving them with no members and thus irrelevant.

To exercise that level of control over government in the next five years or so could only be done in three ways: 

1/ Total violent revolution: Needs a trigger/simple “call to action”. Never ends well for the ordinary person.

2/ Mass civil disobedience: Needs a trigger/simple “call to action”. The government knows how to release “pressure valves” to prevent people being this motivated to act e.g. vaccine passports and vaccine mandates in the UK.

3/ Mass, organised lobbying to Government for change: Needs a trigger/simple “call to action”. How would that be done? It can take years to achieve, Again, requires people to be motivated to act and also can just be ignored. 

4/ Voting: the “two party” and “first past the post” systems makes it difficult to win individual seats with a simple majority.

There are many questions and obstacles to 1-3 above. However, 4 has positive points:

1/ There is a guaranteed, proven mechanism to make it happen – general election, next happening before the end of 2024.

2/ The public are familiar and comfortable with the process and approximately 65% of them will likely be participating.

3/ There are advantages to taking part in an election e.g. free postage and the six week “purdah” period requiring impartiality from the press and civil service etc.

4/ If the 35% of traditional non-voters can be shown that there is a genuine alternative that addresses their issues then they may engage in the process and vote for us

5/ Trust in politicians and the political system are at an all-time low and ready to be challenged.

6/ The campaign required is a suitable format for the “freedom movement” and growing “converts” to join in increasing numbers.

Remember that we have no institutional money and no “mainstream” media coverage. Also, we are likely to be attacked in every possible way.

So, the only way we can attack the oligarchy is for the ordinary people to take control of their governments over a relatively short space of time using the existing election processes and then leave the various international organisations and treaties etc that are causing trouble such as the United Nations, Agenda 21/30, WHO, NATO, Paris Agreement, European Union, etc. 

This will be followed by “draining the swamp” in each country: depoliticising the institutions, preventing influence on elected representatives, removing central banks, currency issued as debt, reinstating the gold standard, etc. It will also be crucial to dismantle the legal and financial frameworks that allow the oligarchy to become and remain wealthy and influential.

This is clearly a massive task but there are two key points to remember:

1/ All great movements started very small and grew, particularly if they were on the right side of history and were supported by ordinary people.

2/ We will break the task down into smaller, achievable steps.


We must take control of the United Kingdom Government and make the changes needed to end the influence of the oligarchy.

The United Kingdom will become the first “Independent Alliance Nation” (IN) and will act as a beachhead to help other countries do the same. 

The two (or three) party system is designed to control the public into thinking they are in control. We must do away with the party system. Parties control MPs by the initial selection process first and then the party whip when in Government. MPs vote as they are told mostly. So we need to get into power and then change the system.

To achieve this we need to focus on winning a majority of the seats at the next General Election. We will field 650 Independent Candidates at the next General Election. 

Once in power, we will reform parliament, the election process, depoliticise the institutions,  unilaterally leave international organisations and treaties, etc. We could prohibit parties in future General Elections so that all MP’s are independent of party influence as far as possible.

We will hold genuine inquiries, commissions and audits to assess what else needs to be reformed such as the issuance of currency, pharma/health/food relationship, education of children, funding of academia, etc.


As the first “IN”, the UK will work immediately to help other countries do the same. As the number of countries becoming IN’s grows, they can hold meetings similar to the G8 and BRICS etc. The growing number can be indicated by a numeral e.g. IN5 etc. The increasing size of the numeral reminds people that we are growing. Countries setting up an Independent Alliance programme will be welcomed in the same (nauseating) way countries planning to join NATO or the EU are lauded. Every country is different and may need to customise their approach.


Once internal reform is under way in the UK, we will also begin to cut off the influence of the oligarchy in the UK and then the rest of the world. This will be done by preventing them from gaining influence over our elected representatives or institutions, reducing their ability to draw money from the country and exposing them for what they are. Their media will differ so much to our media that the public will just laugh at it. We will dismantle the systems and loopholes that allow them to become and remain wealthy and powerful thus fragmenting their influence and resources until they become insignificant. They will be hounded out of public life.


Retribution and reconciliation in the UK will be a key tool to discourage the oligarchy and their enablers while giving the public the confidence that they are now in control. Inquiries will be held to see who did what over the last 100 years or more. The truth will be shown to the public on issues such as the cause of wars, currency creation, gold standard, inflation, media control all used as tools to influence and impoverish the public.

Meanwhile we will fix the damage that has been created to divide and demoralise us.


The human race can continue to flourish without being sapped of its confidence, wealth, health, community, education and freedom of expression.


To avoid the same thing ever happening again, we must remain eternally vigilant. The erosion of our families, communities and culture, the editing of history and the fact we cannot even compare totalitarianism from the past with what is happening today demonstrates that this has been planned since around the turn of the twentieth century. We need to put in place mechanisms to ensure it never happens again. The long march through the institutions led us here so we must make them tamper proof for future generations.

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