Our Plan

The Problem

The world is under the influence of a global oligarchy that works with our elected representatives and big business to hand over our power and wealth for their own benefit. Our governments are pushing forward with NetZero, increased UN powers, increased WHO powers, NATO expansion, CBDCs, oppressive laws, digital ID, increasing surveillance including facial recognition all curtailing the freedom of speech and protest.

The result is a rapidly increasing move towards centralised control which never works out well for the ordinary person. This must be stopped at all costs as soon as possible.

The White Hats aren’t coming

Remember, there are no white hats coming to save us. There isn’t even a plan to get rid of the global oligarchy. There’s lots of talking and lots of action on 100’s of different issues with several plans that on closer inspection aren’t really plans. There is no workable plan with key players, targets and step by step actions to stop the global oligarchy in its tracks and fix all the things we know are deliberately wrong. We are presenting here a plan to get rid of the whole lot – globally. It’s a big task, certainly, but it has achievable steps and also allows for the rather meagre resources that we have.

They fear us. Those of them who aren’t sociopaths probably can’t sleep at night because tomorrow could be the day that eight billion people turn on them. They hope their charade of democracy continues. English Kings found they couldn’t tax the people without a very good reason. Tax collectors often refused to collect “bad” taxes. So they created parliament to make people think they had a say and it was their representatives who were imposing the tax and it’s only gotten worse since.

Our current “representatives” have totally betrayed us. Our current system of democracy is a sham designed to control us while creating the illusion that we choose our own future. The two-party system ensures all major policies such as NetZero happen regardless of who we vote for. Meanwhile, the individual parties themselves ensure the right sort of candidate is selected in the first place and then their voting in parliament is controlled with a carrot or stick as appropriate. 

Unfortunately, the existing system is all we have. We don’t have time to fight for proportional representation or other reforms. However, the system can work in our favour if we make just one small change. We unite and choose our own candidates and then vote for them instead of voting for the global oligarchy’s choice or a hotchpotch of other minor parties and various independents who divide our vote even further. If we do that and play cleverly, we can destroy the influence and power of the oligarchy.

If we don’t take control of the next government then the whole control grid the oligarchy wants may fall into place with Keir Starmer at the helm. His (Brown & Blair really) New Britain manifesto will make it impossible to do what we’re proposing ever again. This could be our last chance.

What does success look like?

We want to destroy the global oligarchy and cut it off forever. We want to do it in 2024 but it could take decades. So, what would be considered a success as we progress towards that?

Clearly, to buy time continuously so we never end up in a state of totalitarian control is the main interim aim. We need to kick the can down the road on many things while we grow in numbers to enable our total victory.

For example, if Keir Starmer wins the next election he will press ahead with New Britain, CBDCs and digital ID. These things must not happen. In the section below “Why Listen to us” we illustrate how working together on a single cause and showing the oligarchy that we were gaining influence with the public tends to force them to back off while they try a different plan. It’s like an angler giving the fish more line before pulling them in a bit closer. 

They release a pressure valve to make the majority of people think they’ve won so they give up. Meanwhile they plot a new course of action with the same ultimate goal. Their goal is digital ID linked to CBDCs. We showed them we weren’t happy with their plan to do that via vaccine mandates so they have backed off.

We need to build our campaign as outlined below but use all our platforms, networks and growing members to thwart whatever their “current plan” is as we go. Our new found unity and expanded public outreach should help us do that long enough to win the overall war.

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