Our Policies

As you can see from the graphic below, the key to winning each seat is mobilising non-voters. The reason the current parties don’t do this is because they represent the status quo. Obviously, many non-voters have no interest in voting, full stop. But many are disillusioned by the current system and feel their vote won’t make any difference to the usual uni-party Punch and Judy show.

The Independent Alliance plans to change all this by offering something very different We hope to inspire just 40% of traditional non-voters that, finally, their vote really will make a difference.

As soon as possible after forming a government we will begin to carry out everything listed here:

  • Restructure everything for the benefit of normal, decent people and not for the benefit of people who want to monopolise wealth and power
  • Make things simple as they should be and bring back common sense
  • Leave the United Nations and the WHO
  • Leave NATO
  • Withdraw from Agenda 21/2030 and the Paris Agreement
  • Cancel Net Zero, ULEZ and LTNs
  • Review the current legal system
  • Set up a commission to prepare for the introduction of a new system based on common law and trial by jury
  • Review the Bank of England’s Charter
  • Ensure our currency is issued without debt
  • Ban Central Bank Digital Currencies and Universal Basic Income
  • Ban the compulsory or creeping commercial use of Digital ID
  • Depoliticise the institutions
  • Ban Common Purpose
  • Ensure children are free from harmful indoctrination
  • Establish public ownership of essential utilities
  • Get Brexit finished
  • End support for the Ukraine war and all international hostility, including economic, that contributes to global instability and migration
  • Small boats: This has the hallmarks of a state-backed black-operation. We would end it immediately
  • Restore human rights, civil liberties, freedom of expression, etc.
  • Move NHS policies towards holistic / integrative health
  • Review Big Pharma’s corrupting influence on regulatory bodies (e.g. MHRA) and the allopathic medical model
  • Ensure food supply and agriculture are returned to a natural, wholesome process
  • Conduct formal inquiries and audits into all significant government policies and actions since 1900. We will be looking at how the global oligarchy has used the UK to further their centralisation of power and wealth through world wars, transnational organisations, public spending, Bank of England, policy, etc. We will identify what was done and by whom and anyone who is deemed culpable will be prosecuted. Any necessary changes to official history narratives will be made and the public will be brought up to speed on how this has affected their lives past, present and future.


The “independent” in Independent Alliance actually means independent from the established political system.

Even if we win, form a government our candidates will never be truly independent i.e. one person doing as they will. The whole point of this campaign is for the people to take control. The people create local committees and from that committee a candidate is selected and represents the people. 

Every candidate/MP is part of a local team representing the people of that constituency. If they don’t uphold the agreed policies they were selected to uphold then they will be recalled by the people and/or their committee. This is key as it allows the people from that constituency to feel genuine ownership of the whole process of government. 

It also makes it more difficult to influence MPs. Instead of influencing 650 MPs you would have to influence about 5,000 committee members and even then the wider public may smell a rat and recall the committee members themselves in order to ensure policy is carried out.

Those policies the candidate/MP must uphold are the instructions from the people on how they want their future to be. Obviously, we as a group will decide those policies based on how we think we can recover from the harms that have been done to us over decades and how we can progress for the benefit of everyone. 

The initial committees and early enthusiasts of the IA will help us develop the policies that we later ask the general public to vote for in the next general election.


There are three key stages in forming our policy.


We want to start work on our plan as soon as possible. Having endless rounds of meetings, conversations and panel discussions while we hammer out our policies could waste months and we don’t have that sort of time to waste. So, we are launching with just a short list of key policies without going into too much detail on any of them.

They are quite self-explanatory. Everyone in the “Freedom Movement” will be familiar with them and very likely agree with them.


Over the coming weeks, we will flesh out these policies and perhaps add some more. Obviously, the basic principles won’t change. We have a lot of great people ready to help us with this process. We will also be consulting with the wider freedom movement and the public. 

The general public have been subjected to decades of disinformation on many subjects. Currently, a huge number of people don’t have a genuine informed opinion on a lot of these subjects. We need to work around that by finding out what their own personal “pain points” are. This will help us decide on the best course of action through our policies.


The day will come when the public are properly informed and at that point we can pretty much let them set their own policies through some sort of open democracy process. We already have a system that can allow this but we won’t be using it policy yet.

The ongoing development of policy will fully include local people including local experts and local commentators/media. Every area has its own local needs on top of the main issues such as health, economy, etc.

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