Now that the Local Elections are out of the way we are preparing to launch the Independent Alliance properly. We held off until now because we didn’t want to confuse things in the run up to the local elections. We are focused on this year’s UK General Election. However, from now on, we will also be inspiring and helping people to contest local and mayoral elections.

The next couple of weeks are crucial for us and we need as much help as possible from you all. Obviously, many of you have had this same “call to action” for volunteers before but we’re asking again!

Please complete the form below by adding your details and selecting what you would like to volunteer for. The purpose of these positions is to help ensure the website and all our resources are as perfect as possible as we spread the word about the Independent Alliance.

Thanks in advance for your support.

David Fleming

Founder of the Independent Alliance


    Please select the position/s you would like to volunteer for by cheching the box next to it. You may select as many positions as you want.

    Committee MemberCandidate for UK General ElectionProject ManagerCopy Writer (For example you can turn a rough draft into a finished article)Creative Writer (For example if given a basic brief you can write a finished article on that topic)WhatsApp Admin/ModeratorWord Press Admin/Content Manager (not very technical)Word Press Developer (Adding widgets setting up accounts fixing bugs etc)Social Media Manager (Helping to run social media accounts)Film Maker (Every aspect of producing high quality films)Film Editor (Turning crowd sourced video content into compelling films)Website user feedback (Let us know whether the website/text makes sense and how the user experience is etc)

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